New Homes

l3You have decided that you would like to build a new home.

Are you planning on building a new home?

The decision to construct a new home is an exciting one. It is far more than the building process. The decision process involves thinking about the environment, location, neighborhood, lifestyle and most importantly a place were family values and experiences are built.

Why us?

We are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to customer service. We ensure that the process is always positive. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers excited whilst designing and building your new home.

We conducted a survey in 2007 to see what our customers thought about us, 100% of our clients said they were extremely happy with our service and they would build with us again.

Leave the new homes too us!

Planning the design of your home is an important step to ensure that returns are maximised on your new home.

We are one of the highest rated builders in NSW, and our success is driven by our experience.

We can assist you with the design of your new home. That is, identifying the potential of your land, your budget and the design which will maximise the best value in home designs.

We can help you ensure the design of your new home meets your standards. That is, identifying your land potential, design, and overall budget which will ensure the best value in the design of the home. Apex Built can introduce you to solutions with home design that will work hand in hand with your budget and your families needs.

You can dive into our experience in creating new homes and making them:

  • affordable to design
  • affordable to construct
  • affordable to live