Granny Flats

Are you planning on building a granny flat?

Apex Built’s experience in handling the major planning side means you’re in good hands when it comes to the design stage and submission of your application, basically sit back and enjoy the show!

Why us?

We can assess your current home and provide you with options to suit your needs. We are highly praised in Granny Flat solutions in relation to affordability and design. Apex Built can provide solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Once we begin the construction stage you will be impressed by our quality of work, and the process in which we build your granny flat, during this time you will be amazed by the amount of initiative our team takes in building your dream granny flat.

You can dive into our experience in creating granny flats and making them:

  • affordable to build
  • affordable to maintain
  • affordable to run

Apex Built holds the most detailed design tools which will ensure that you receive an image of the possibilities of your granny flat. We believe that our service level allows our clients to see the potential in their homes without going over their budgets.